About Us

Insurance 4 Earth is founded by insurance professionals who are concerned about their environmental footprint and want to support likeminded consumers looking for a saving on their insurance policy and make a meaningful contribution to the environment through their insurance purchase

Our objectives are simple

1.) To simplify the purchase of your insurance policy by

  • Offering market leading policies which are right for you
  • Asking fewer questions so your cover is not limited in any way

2.) To making a meaningful contribution to the environment by planting a tree for every policy sold through our environmental partner insurers and offering a carbon offset arrangement for the good of the planet.

We understand the angst in having to make a necessary insurance purchase, so combining price savings, convenience and a contribution to the environment in offsetting carbon emissions, is all part of our value proposition.

Savings: Supportive insurers priced to compete for business.

Convenience: Simplified insurance calculators so you get your quotations quickly and easily.

Environmental Contribution: Trees planted for every policy resulting in an offset of your own carbon emissions produced by you and your family.

Our Mission

Our planet is currently losing over 15 billion trees each year – that’s 56 acres of forest every minute! Insurance 4 Earth wishes to help offset this loss and help improve our environment. Scientific research has established that 6 mature trees living in the right environment are required to offset and neutralise carbon emissions produced by one standard vehicle in any given year.

Our goal is that within 10 years we can play a significant part in neutralising the carbon emissions produced by Australians. By planting trees for every policy sold, we move towards our stated goal of neutralising greenhouse gas emissions and making the world a better place. Our tree planting efforts will go a long way in improving air quality, assist some communities in providing much needed nutrition, a potential source of income/trade as well as much needed shelter. We are proud of the programs which we, with your support, are contributing to.

Our Partners

In order to deliver on our Mission, and support our tree planting initiatives, we have chosen a partner that is central to our aim of providing a positive contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

We have teamed up with One Tree Planted, a not for profit organisation on a mission to reforest our planet and provide education, awareness and engagement on the importance of trees and our ecosystem. Their strong ethos and diverse and varied projects are very appealing to us and our Mission. They believe in conservation, not only because it protects native plants and animals, but also because it protects us. They believe by acting now to protect nature and prevent extinction, we can secure a better future for all.

Currently Insurance 4 Earth partners with One Tree Planted in Tasmanian tree planting initiatives where over 30,000 trees are scheduled for planting over the next 12 months.

You may learn more about One Tree Planted here.

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