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Your Landlord Insurance Product Comparison at a Glance (Contents Only)

This product comparison table is intended to provide a snap shot of the policy coverage available through Insurance4Earth. It provides a description of risks that are covered, those that are not covered, including additional benefits and optional covers. It does not provide a complete statement of the cover offered, any exclusions under the policy, or conditions and/or all limits that may apply under each type of Cover. You should carefully read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and all policy documentation for full details.

Policy Coverage
Listed Events
Accidental Damage
Blue Zebra, Hollard
Blue Zebra, Hollard, QBE
Accidental Destruction, Loss or

Accidental Damage covers any loss or damage that is not specifically excluded under the policy along with any Additional Benefits noted below
Listed Events

A Listed Events policy covers those events listed in the policy along with any Additional Benefits noted below
Listed Events
Accidental Loss or Damage by your Tenant
Deliberate / Intentional Damage
Malicious Damage / Vandalism
Fire / Explosion
Lightning / Thunderbolt
Earthquake / Tsunami
Burglary or Housebreaking
Escape of liquid
Electric Motor Burnout
Broken Glass & Similar
Riots or Civil Commotion
Industrial or Political Disturbances
Impact by Aircraft / Spacecraft
Impact by Falling Tree
Impact by Falling TV / Antenna / Power Pole
Impact by Animal / Bird
Impact by Vehicles / Watercraft
Storm / Rainwater / Hail / Wind
Storm Surge


Blue Zebra, Hollard
Landslide or Subsidence
Power Surge
Animal Damage – Not Normally Kept at Situation
Additional benefits
Removal of Contents Debris
Damage to Body Corporate Building –
Malicious Damage / Vandalism


Blue Zebra, Hollard
Automatic Reinstatement of SI following a Partial Loss
Removal of Trees - Following Storm Damage
Pet Damage
Tax Audit

Hollard, QBE

Blue Zebra
Loss or Damage Caused by Defects or Faulty
Design/Workmanship – Storm / Storm Surge / Flood / Rainwater / Hail / Wind
Keys and Lock Replacement
90 Day Un-occupancy Period (Excluding Holiday Lettings)
Limits of Cover – Content & Building
Unspecified Contents

Limit $20,000 per item

Limit $20,000 per item
Carpets / Drapes / Curtains

No sublimit

No sublimit
Strata Title Unit - Landlord’s Fixtures and Fittings

Limit $20,000 per item

Limit $20,000 per item
Clothing / Pedal Cycles / Surfboards / Sailboards / Surf Skis

Blue Zebra, Hollard - Limit $2,000


Blue Zebra, Hollard - Limit $2,000

Contents in the Open Air

Hollard - Limit $2,500

Blue Zebra - Limit $5,000

QBE - No sublimit

Hollard - Limit $5,000

Blue Zebra - Limit $10,000
Optional Covers
Theft by Tenant
Blue Zebra, Hollard - Optional
QBE - Automatically covered
Legal Costs
Loss of Rent
Blue Zebra, Hollard - Optional
QBE - Automatically covered
(refer to your PDS for full details)
Property Unliveable or Untenantable
Prevention of Access
Cover Extension After Repair/Replacement – Long Term Rental
Rent Default
Vacating without Notice
Stops Paying Rent
Legal Eviction of Tenant
Notice to Leave
Death of Tenant
Hardship - RTT
Legal Costs
Re Letting Expenses – in excess of Bond Money
Legal Liability
Legal Liability Cover
Continued Liability Cover after Total Loss
Buildings Undergoing Renovations, Construction or Alteration
Expenses Incurred in Attending Court

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