Often insurers will ask, as part of a Car Insurance quote, whether the vehicle has any accessories and/or modifications. Unless noted these are generally not included in the cover provided by the insurer.

Vehicle accessories are things that generally enhance the functionality, look and comfort of a vehicle and don’t normally come as part of your base model. Such accessories may include Tow Bars, Bull Bars, Sun Roof, Paint Protection, Seat Warmers, Metallic Paint, just to name a few.

Modification on the other hand are enhancements that improve the performance of the car. Examples include modifications to the Engine, Suspension, Exhaust, etc. These are rare additions to a car policy but are required to be disclosed as the normal performance of the vehicle is changed.

A good insurance policy will be broad enough to cover most of your standard factory accessories.

It is important however to ensure accessories and modifications, if required, are noted under your policy where you would like them to be covered should a relevant loss occur.

At Insurance4Earth, Metallic Paint is not an additional accessory that requires notation under your policy. It is an automatic cover extended under a Comprehensive Motor policy.

At Insurance4Earth, not all Accessories nor Modifications need to be disclosed. We guide you through the process – Cover that’s Right. Peace of Mind. Have the right Conversation.