All general contents are insured at the nominated address only. Therefore no cover is extended to any contents away from the home, unless you specify this requirement.

Insuring your assets away from the home can be achieved in three ways

  1. Nominating an unspecified content value requiring cover away from the premises
  2. Specifying the exact content requiring cover away from the premises
  3. Choosing an Accidental Damage policy which extends cover to all contents away from the premises. These policies, in addition to Contents covered away from the home, offer much improved insurance protection across many insurance risks, not just contents away from the home.  

It is important to ensure you nominate the right level of cover for your prizes possessions.

At Insurance4Earth, we share our expertise openly so that you better understand your contents insurance requirements. Not all Contents is the same and all insurance policies respond in different ways across the various options available – Cover that’s Right. Peace of Mind. Have the right Conversation.