There are generally three types of Contents under a Home and Contents policy. 

  1. General Contents insured at the premises but always subject to the relevant policy limits
  2. Portable Contents where the contents is noted as requiring insurance cover away from the premises – for example a bicycle, camping gear, a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop, etc.
  3. Specified Valuables Content where the items require cover away from the premises but also exceed general policy limits and therefore require special notification – for example expensive Jewellery, Collections, Antiques, Rugs, Paintings, Artwork, Items of Gold or Silver, etc.

Understanding the differences between these types of Contents is important to ensure your Home and Contents policy offers the necessary protection that you are expecting. This avoids any surprises should you policy be called upon at the time of a loss.

At Insurance4Earth, we share our expertise openly so that you better understand your contents insurance requirements. Not all Contents is the same and all insurance policies respond in different ways across the various options available – Cover that’s Right. Peace of Mind. Have the right Conversation.