When seeking quotations for a Home and/or Contents policy, you are asked whether you wish to insure any contents under your policy. The first question normally asked by insurers relates to general contents. General contents are contents where nothing in particular is specified under your policy. You simply nominate a total value of general contents. 

Under the general contents section, policy sub limits may apply to many types of content depending on the policy. As an example, sub limits under a Home and Contents policy may apply to Jewelry, Money, Collections, Music, Carpets, Trees, Plants, Outdoor Contents at the premises, just to name a few. It is therefore important to consider specifying content should you have a larger exposure to some of the contents subjected to limits under your policy.

In addition, general contents are insured subject to policy terms and conditions, and only at the premises, unless nominated as being portable or specified contents under the policy.

In addition to General Contents, there is also what they call Portable Contents (contents insured away from the premises) as well as Valuables Contents (contents where generally higher limits are required as stipulated by the policy). 

It is important to understand the differences between each of them and ensure your policy will respond should it be required.

At Insurance4Earth, not all Contents is the same and various policies respond in different ways. We help guide you through the process – Cover that’s Right. Peace of Mind. Have the right Conversation.