As you are aware, CTP Insurance or Compulsory Third Party Insurance is a required policy of insurance in order to register your Car in New South Wales. Similar schemes operate in every state and Territory in Australia.

Sadly over 70% of car owners in New South Wales are unsure as to what precisely CTP Insurance covers them for. This leaves New South Wales drivers at risk of significant financial disadvantage through lack of knowledge.

CTP Insurance in New South Wales, often called a Greenslip, protects an injured person who is involved in a road accident. As its name suggests, it offers insurance cover for the Third Party’ personal injury involved in a road accident. Injured persons may be people in your vehicle, people in another vehicle, bike users or pedestrians.

Generally CTP Insurance does not extend cover to the driver of your vehicle, if deemed at fault in a road accident. It also does not cover you for any Property Damage of any sort. This means it does not offer you protection for damage caused by your vehicle to a Third Party’s vehicle, nor offers any cover for you for damage caused to your car.

Some insurers offer token At Fault Driver Protection Cover in addition to the normal CTP statutory protection, for further peace of mind.

It is against the law to drive your vehicle without CTP Insurance. If you do not have CTP Insurance then, by default, your vehicle is not registered for use on New South Wales roads. Fines and Penalties, as charged by the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) are significant should you drive an unregistered vehicle on New South Wales roads.

In some countries it is illegal to drive your car without two types of insurance. Firstly, a CTP Insurance policy and secondly, a Third Party Property Damage Insurance policy. At Insurance4Earth we feel this is good practice, as it protects road users where Property Damage occurs from a not at fault road accident. Too often we see drivers involved in an accident, who are not compensated as the at fault Third Party does not have the appropriate insurances.

At Insurance4Earth, we guide you through the right policy protectionCover that’s Right. Peace of Mind. Have the right Conversation.